The importance of professionalism


For years, pool repair has been something that has been notoriously difficult and expensive to do. Most of the time when people buy a pool, they are not looking at the long-term expense, but rather the immediate benefit of having a pool. Usually people awaken to the realization that maintaining a pool is a lot of work and expense.

This is where it pays to have a group of professionals such as the ones at Offering the latest in high tech pool cleaning, repair, and resurfacing, Perfect Pool Repairs is the number one company for all of your pool needs. Whether you need a re-tiling, leak detection, or pool deck resurfacing, Perfect Pool Repair has everything you need to keep your pool beautiful and in working condition.

More than meets the eye

More than just a pool cleaning service, Perfect Pool Repair can help you stay ahead of the maintenance on your pool, giving you the peace of mind needed to help you achieve pool bliss. Get rid of all the stress involved with cleaning and maintaining your pool and let the good people at Perfect Pool Repair use their years of expertise to help you find the services you need at the price you want.

Whether you are a first time or a long time pool owner, the ability to keep your pool in working order is something that everyone can enjoy. Leave it up to our staff with more than two decades of combined experience to help you achieve your greatest pool dreams. The latest accessories, services, and tiles can be yours for a fraction of the cost by contacting Perfect Pool Repair.


People are not always aware of how much work it takes to maintain a pool and keep it in working order. In many cases, the repairs are something that homeowners must shoulder themselves due to the prohibitive cost. At Perfect Pool Repair, we guarantee the lowest prices for service that is above and beyond what other companies can offer. Contact us today, you will be glad that you did.

Utilizing print advertising


Print advertising is something that has largely been phased out by digital advertising an social media advertising. However, it is not without its merits. Mainly because print advertising reaches a specific demographic that may not be privy to the technology available to them.

It then becomes a way in which we can maximize an advertising campaign. The value of print advertising lies in its accessibility and its way to create a tangible way for people to remember your product. Think of it this way, people can’t necessarily hang up a digital advertisement or keep it for long periods of time.

Print is not dead

Print allows you to create a tangible piece of advertisement that people can hang onto and remember your product for a long time to come. The key to any creative solutions campaign is to reach as many people as possible as easily as possible.

The time to utilize print is now. Couple print advertising with digital advertising and social media in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Keep print a part of your campaign in order to reach the people that do not respond well to digital marketing.


Print may seem like it is on the way out, but when used properly, it can enhance your campaign and bring your sales to brave new heights. When planning your next advertising campaign, consider all that print advertising has to offer and how it can help your advertising campaign reach its maximum potential.

Advertising to a new generation


If you are anything like me, you have been in advertising for a long time and know a lot of the tricks of the trade. This is until I realized that many of these tricks are old and overplayed, and that it is now up to us to advertise to a new, different, and unique generation.

As someone who is sort of an old timer, I was always under the impression that digital advertising was something that should be secondary to a good print campaign. That social media should be an enhancement to an existing advertising campaign, not its main focus.

In actuality

The new generation is one that has numerous electronics at their disposal at all times and that spends much more time on the Internet than the do watching television. Basically, the powerhouse that television advertising once was is no more, now what you have is a world where digital advertising is not simply an answer, it is the only answer.

Think of a time when television and newspapers were all that people had for entertainment. There were only so many channels, so many publications, and so many sources from which consumers could receive their advertisements. Now what you get is a world where both of those mediums do not hold a candle to what the Internet and mobile platforms have to offer.


Being a good advertiser means having the foresight to spot trends and to show your customers that you are not an out of touch old timer that doesn’t know how to speak to their generation.

Advertising outside the box


In most cases, advertising is all about getting to people that you couldn’t get to before. Bringing new people into the fold, and those that may not necessarily know what product or service you are selling. Getting repeat customers is one thing, and drawing new people in is something completely different

The only thing that you can be sure of in advertising is that it is kill or be killed, stay ahead of the curve or find yourself behind the eight ball. And there is no better way to stay ahead of the curve than thinking outside of the box.

A prime example

A client of ours,, is in the business of repairing pools both locally and nationally. They offer all of the services that most pool repair places offer, but also have their own unique acid washing service, which is designed for higher end pools.

Higher end pools mean higher end customers, so it is essential that they bring in these customers, some of which may not even know about the service, through unique advertisement. The challenge then becomes finding out how the new customers are different from existing ones and how to best think outside of the box in order to reach them.

What we did was add this service to their existing advertising campaign that highlighted swimming pool surfacing & remodeling. By doing this, we found that people that were in the market for a remodel were also in the market for an acid washing service.


Oftentimes, thinking outside of the box is built on the notion that there is already more overlap in new and old customers than we think. By tweaking the advertising campaign just a little, we can begin to understand that customers are interested in newer and unknown services, but are not aware of them.

By thinking outside of the box, it is possible to find easy solutions to advertising problems simply by taking yourself out of the current situation. By taking a step back, things become more clear and advertising solutions become obvious as you start to get a better view of the big picture.


Don’t get left in the virtual dust


In terms of local business, virtual advertising is not always a necessity, but rather a sort of silver bullet for an ever-changing digital world. You might not need it at the time, you might not need it ever, but chances are that you will. It is with this in mind that we treat our local clients with care and the utmost of integrity.

Consider a small pool supplier in a small town. One would have to figure that most of their customers are individuals within the community that do not have a lot to choose from. A pen and paper advertising campaign is likely sufficient for this audience, and perhaps always will be.

But that would lead to business stagnation, wouldn’t it?

The answer to these problems

Is a creative solutions firm that understands the importance to be prepared for potential changes in the business landscape. What if the city were to fall on hard times and people no longer prioritized pool repair? This would cripple business and perhaps cause the company to go out of business.

Now think of what would happen if the small company had a digital marketing campaign targeted to a larger, more global audience. Even if the local community ran out of customers, there would still be business flowing to the small local company.

When we implement a digital marketing campaign into a small company, we always do it with care, and take into full consideration their existing marketing campaign. You might not need a large presence online, but think about what could happen if you don’t.

Do you need a digital marketing campaign?


Many customers come to me and ask whether a digital marketing campaign is necessary. The fact is, that many businesses are still living in the past, and that is no fault of their own. Many of these companies established a customer base that was largely “old school” and were not connected at the hip to electronic devices.

The fact is that even the older population, while they may not be as heavily invested in electronics does respond to the effects of online advertising. Even if the older customer base is your target audience, the fact is that an online advertising campaign is typically a good idea.

The important thing to consider is how much advertising needs to be online and how much to keep offline.

Where to draw the line

Having an online presence does not necessarily mean being actively engaged in social media, but rather starting small. For example, one of our local clients started by simply uploading a few YouTube videos, thus boosting their online visibility.

The good thing about online advertising campaigns is that they are very easy to integrate. One video can easily be shared on a number of social media outlets, which leads to a more robust online presence.

We understand that building an online campaign is a labor of love, one that must be undertaken one step at a time and with the utmost patience. America’s Favorite Studio has long been a proponent of local businesses and has helped turn out a wide variety of web-based advertising solutions for the modern world.


Bringing people together through creativity


Our company is unlike any other in that we understand that people are the backbone of any good business. Because of this, most of our efforts are put toward supporting local businesses and showing them that there are creative firms that venture outside of the world of big business.

One of our most successful clients, a pool repair company came to us with a unique problem in that they were having trouble promoting their social media marketing campaign. A small, local business, they found that their customer base was largely analog, and that many online shoppers were not even aware of their online presence.

This is where we stepped in to make a difference in the way their business was run.

Building an online presence

Involves much more than posting a few videos and linking to other sites, But rather, it is about connecting people through common mediums and getting them interested in local commerce. This idea is not new, but many large firms have moved away from helping small businesses into the world of cyber business.

Starting by setting up a YouTube channel, we helped the company penetrate the social media market. This was easy, because their services were of the utmost quality and they offered products not found anywhere else.

The hard part was getting their analog customers interested in the web-based campaign. In order to do this, we had to print out physical pamphlets that illustrated the company’s online presence, thus bridging the gap between digital and analog to increase web traffic by 100 percent and business by 34 percent.

The expansive nature of SEO


By now, everyone is familiar with the idea of search engine optimization. The ability to select specific keywords pertaining to an area of business and giving people the ability to find the best results pertaining to these keywords.

One of the most difficult things to do is to find a keyword that has not been optimized to the point of saturation, and finding a market within that to appeal to.

This is one of our greatest challenges as a creative solutions firm, and one that we pride ourselves on being able to excel in.

Tying one thing to another

One of our greatest challenges as a firm is to take two divergent topics and show customers that they are very connected despite the appearing on the surface not to be.

Our best clients are those that offer a local service such as pool cleaning and convince people that there are greater implications, and there are. Local businesses have trouble cutting through the clutter because people are not necessarily reading about these services unless they immediately need it.

It is our job to offer enough compelling content to get people interested in pool repair long before they need the service. It is this dedication to detail that has allowed us to work with numerous companies on a variety of projects and use search engine optimization to bridge gaps that are otherwise unknown to readers.

America’s Favorite Studio understands that not all advertisements are designed to sell products, but help make consumers make educated decisions on what they buy.

The importance of local business


Something that we have learned over the years is that while big business is important to us all, local business should also be held i high regard. This is why we pride ourselves on having ties to the local community that allow us to address the needs of local business and help them grow as well.

One such instance was with a pool repair company that contracted us to help them appeal to customers that were looking to hire a licensed & insured contractor. We understood that there were a number of larger pool repair companies that have a larger online presence, but also understood that this company was a cornerstone of local commerce.

So what we did was take one of their unique services, which was pool LED lighting installation, and showcase that on social media accounts and online advertisements.

The effects of our efforts

Although many of the locals knew of the quality of the LED installation performed by the company, many people in surrounding communities had no idea. By simply boosting the company’s online network and sharing their services with others, the company saw a large increase in profits and customer base.

The emails began pouring into the company regarding advice for a number of pool related questions. What is the best type of pool for a suburban residence? What is the best pool surface treatment? The company found itself inundated with messages that required their unique local expertise.

Local businesses know best

Large companies have the ability to expand further than local businesses, making them crucial to commerce. However, local businesses have something that large ones will never achieve, which is the local experience needed to serve their community.

People are the key to what makes business succeed, and in order to truly achieve greatness, large and small companies need to work together to better the world around us.

At America’s Favorite Studio, we are proud to serve local businesses with pride. Being a small firm ourselves, we understand that when it comes to local communities, nobody is more valuable than the businesses that we trust locally.

Staying on the cutting edge


Staying on the “cutting edge” is something that is very important in the world of business. Not only is business changing, but the people that comprise business and customer bases are changing as well. Technology can be a blessing or curse, and sometimes staying on the cutting edge means navigating between the two

For example, we work with a lot of companies that are just now moving into a more technology-based environment, which not all of them transition into seamlessly. Think for a minute about brick and mortar businesses with paper record keeping.

Try asking them to install an integrated computer system and switch to paperless billing overnight. This is kind of an unreasonable thing to ask.

Bridging old and new

At America’s Favorite Studio, we pride ourselves on being receptive to the need of our customers. We understanding that staying “cutting edge” may mean abandoning the way of business that your company is used to and successful with.

That said, there needs to be some element of technology in all business solutions to an extent. Social media is a goldmine for increasing web traffic and increasing brand exposure. We will work closely with your company in order to develop a solution that edges your company to a more technology based solution, without taking away the foundations on which your business is built.

At America’s Favorite Studio, our primary goal is giving you a comfortable solution designed to appeal to all of your customers, past, present, and future.